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May 21 + 22  In-person Meeting Galway 


Two-afternoon meetings from 2 pm - 6 pm with a coffee break, at The Connaught Hotel in Galway.


Location: The Connacht Hotel, Dublin Road, Galway, Ireland 

Zoom option will be 30 EUR per day contact


The suggestion being made here is that you are not the separate individual self you experience yourself to be and that the sense of separation that may be  felt is artificial.  There is and never has been a separate individual "you".  You will never find what you are looking for as you are not there to find it and there is no "it" to find.  

This realisation (which is not personal realisation) is far beyond any description, it is immeasurably incomparable to any experience you may have had or hope to have.  It is the more significant [apparent] shift that is possible for an apparently separate person and yet, paradoxically is totally and utterly ordinary.  It is ordinary simply because what you have been looking for all of your life is nothing other than what already is.   What you have always sought only seems to hide and it does so by already being everything.  


In other words you are continually missing what it is you are actually looking for because it is too open, immediate and obvious, not because it is complicated and obtuse.  The realisation is what is commonly referred to as an awakening or enlightenment, although it clearly purports that for the most part these terms are wrongly understood as a state that someone can reach or something they can obtain through hard work and dedication; an ignorance that only feeds the apparent sense of being separate.

Anyone is welcome to engage with Kenneth around what is being suggested.  It is no longer possible for Kenneth to answer questions by email but you are welcome to attend a zoom meeting which are held on a weekly basis or phone.  The communication is most resonant when shared in a group.  There is nothing to understand or get and nothing what so ever on offer but the boundless and unknowable aliveness of what is and isn't can be seen. 


All ideas expressed by Kenneth Madden Non Duality obviously do not recommend anything for anyone to believe in, take action on or not take action on.  Therefore it is obvious that the participants reaction and response to these communications is entirely a product of their own interpretation and their own responsibility.  

All communications out of Kenneth Madden Non Duality are provided for general information purposes only and should not be treated as a substitute for professional mental health or counselling services and what is being communicated does not in any way discourage anyone from availing of such services if they feel they are need of them.