The suggestion being made here is quite simply that you don’t have a life - you are life.  This realization is far beyond any description, it is immeasurably incomparable to any experience you may have had or hope to have.  It is the more significant shift that is possible for an apparently separate person and yet, paradoxically is totally and utterly ordinary.  It is ordinary simply because what you have been looking for all of your life is nothing other then what already is.   What you have always sought only seems to hide and it does so by already being everything.  In other words you are continually missing what it is you are actually looking for because it is too open, immediate and obvious, not because it is complicated and obtuse.  The realization is what is commonly referred to as an awakening or enlightenment, although it clearly purports that for the most part these terms are wrongly understood as a state that someone can reach or something they can obtain through hard work and dedication; an ignorance that only feeds the apparent sense of being separate.

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