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This communication is in it’s essence very simple and paradoxically is beyond understanding.  It is the suggestion that what you have experienced as a separate ‘me’ is and always has been only an appearance.  What is being suggested here is that there is in actuality no such thing as a separate individual, or anything at all that exists in and of itself.  It is the really felt contracted sense of being separate to the world that gives rise to a yearning for wholeness.  In other words what we are all searching for, in myriad different ways, is to not be a separate ‘me’ and be complete and whole.  So whether I am trying to make a million euros or searching for spiritual enlightenment through becoming increasingly meditative and mindfully aware, what I am actually looking for is to not be a separate person, to be whole and complete.  Another way of saying this is that I am in fact searching for my own absence (not my expression, not sure of the  exact source to reference it.)

Here’s the thing though.  You are nothing other than already whole and complete- so what you are seeking and yearning for is what already is.  This, aliveness.  That is the divine comedy, that what you are in fact looking for is nothing other than what is and always has been and you have ran around like a headless chicken thinking it was something else, around the next corner etc.

This is what is suggested in life in Freefall.  What is being communicated here is either heard or it isn’t, there is no agenda here whatsoever.  If what is being suggested is heard this realization is beyond any experience a person could have and yet paradoxically ordinary as it is the seeing that you have always been home so of course it would be stunningly familiar and intimate to you.  It is in essence the remembering of child like wonder at the stunning newness of life, the immediate unknowable isness of everything.  That wonder turns stale as we grow into adults who are indoctrinated and conditioned into feeling that we have control over ‘our lives’ and that we are moving forward in time and space, that we are relating to the world around us and what happens to us is a result, in the main, of the choices we have made and continue to make.  The suggestion being made here is that this sense of volition and control, of time and space, is totally artificial and only apparently real.  It comes directly from one root and that is the sense that I am a separate person in the world, that I have a life as opposed to being life.

This communication is totally impersonal.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with what appears as an individual person or character.  It belongs to no-one.  It requires no understanding or interest in anything esoteric, spiritual or philosophical.  It may appear to be spiritual or philosophical and is certainly at the root of many of these major communications, but it is radically and incomparably different to communications and messages which speak directly to a separate individual person and advise, direct or recommend methods by which they can find what they are looking for.   Nothing is on offer here and this communication is clearly expressing that you are already that which you seek, you are already whole and complete.  There is absolutely no hope to be found here as hope is an emphatic rejection of what is in favour of what could be.  When what is being suggested here resonates and is realized fully (not in a conceptual sense) life is seen as it really is once more; indescribably full and in absolute freefall.

This is it, this is what you’re looking for, already just simply this.  Don’t get hung up on the language or terms used here, the message is absolutely energetic and is more concerned with a resonance then any kind of conceptual or intellectual knowing or understanding.  Although there are words used, this communication is pointing towards something that cannot be said but is more stunningly ordinary and familiar then could possibly be expressed.  This message is shared in a spirit of friendship and openness, for to the delight of being seen as nothing other then already whole and complete is without conditions or clauses, borders or divisions.  It is a message that can’t and does not need to be thought.  There are no teachers, no gurus, no masters.  It recognizes no authority whatsoever.  You are not being asked to believe anything here.

What you look for is wildly and ridiculously ordinary and free.  You are free, already totally boundlessly free.

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